Am I the only person to think of the song ‘Everyday I’m Hustlin’ by Rick Ross every time I see the word ‘hustlin’? Ahhh such a good throwback song. But seriously, it seems like everyone has a side hustle these days. For good reason too. Check out my 10  reasons why a side hustle is an essential for just about anyone.

  1. Feeds Your Creative Side

During the short time that I have had the pleasure of writing for this blog, I have found myself thinking outside of the box to put out not just any content to my audience. Even if I don’t have a large audience now, I may later. You never know. Having a side hustle whether it be selling items on eBay, making YouTube videos, or blogging you know that you have got to find what makes your account, channel, or website special so that people keep coming back for more.

  1. Connections, Connections, Connections!

For many, this may seem foreign but for me I am all to familiar with the idea of networking for a purpose. When you first start off with your side hustle you may or may not know what you want out of life or maybe you’re just doing it to make a little bit of money on the side. Either way, you will meet new fascinating people in your own country and maybe even across the world. As my public relations professor and mentor always makes her students recite the definition of public relations; “it is mutually beneficial relationships…” There’s more to that, but you get the point. When you connect with people over the web it’s for both parties not just one. Always keep that in mind.

  1. Become A Pro Problem Solving

I can’t tell you how many problems I have ran into where I had to find a solution to the problem. For example: When I first started my blog a couple of days ago I didn’t realize that I would virtually be building my own site. Yes, WordPress is the host, but if you don’t know what RSS feed is or SEO, you’ve practically got to learn it on your own. I had an idea of what those two marketing tactics were, but I had never put them to practice. You have got to be willing to learn new things and be a self-starter. Oh, and don’t forget time management. So if you have a full-time gig that you do during the day, know that you will have to come up with solutions on how to get your side hustle on.

  1. Make Some Extra Money For Doing What You Love

For those lucky enough to have our hard work pay off and reap the benefits of putting in so much time with our side hustles, hopefully you’re making money to do it. I mean, you don’t always have to make money to do what you love, but ya girl gotta pay her bills! Whether it be a couple hundred dollars or thousands, it’s always nice to get a ROI (return on investment) on all the work that you’ve put in.

  1. It Could Be The Beginning Of A Business

I know that many of us may not want to have a side hustle for the rest of our lives, but just think about… with most side hustles you can literally do what you love from the comfort of your own bed. Who doesn’t want to work from home every day and make their own hours? I know I do. Count me in! If you work hard enough you may even be able to hire other people to do the work for you while you manage the backend things like the strategic direction of the company. I believe that’s called a CEO. That has a ring to it ;).

  1. Being Able To Add New Skills to Your Resume

What’s so cool about being a blogger (yes, I consider myself a blogger after just one week) is that I get to show myself off in a more creative way. Now, when I go into an interview I get to show myself off and tell people that I have a blog. Many are impressed by that because in addition to this blog I am also a full-time undergraduate student, a collegiate athlete, a part of campus clubs, and volunteering. That is pretty impressive albeit a successful blog. It’s a win-win in my book. Work hard now, so you don’t have to later.

  1. Gives You A Purpose In Life

Waking up every morning to see how many likes, views or followers I have gotten gives me such an adrenaline rush because it makes me want to keep striving to do better. Not just with my blog, but also in other aspects of my life. Also, the topics that I write about allow me to see certain situations in a different light.

  1. You Get To Spend As Much Or As Little Time With It

The good thing about a side hustle is that if you don’t go into ‘work’ that day, you won’t get fired. YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS. If I want to do a blog post every day, I’m gonna do a blog post every day. If I don’t, I don’t. Some side hustles require a little bit more TLC than others, but at the end of the day you’re the boss. You get the final say.

  1. If You’re In That Post-Grad Trying-To-Find-A-Job-Life Lull

Everyone has been through or are going through it right now. It’s okay! As I was saying in my last point, “you can spend as little or as much time with your side hustle as you would like, just like you would your side jawn with no commitment” haha. This holds true for those individuals who are applying for job after job or you just can’t seem to find the job that you want. Maybe you don’t feel challenged enough at the current job that you’re at right now. A side hustle will give you that extra motivation for all aspects of your life. Not feeling inspired or motivated? Try out a side hustle for size.

  1. It Is An Extension Of Your Life

As I was saying in my blog 7 Things We Could All Learn From The Kardashians, the Kardashians are making millions off of just living their life. Why can’t we do the same? In preparation of content for my blog, my day-to-day experiences and lessons have led me here. I would not have much to write if I didn’t have other things going on in my life to write about.

Make sure you do what you love. I know from my experiences, I have worked in customer service and even the meanest people wouldn’t break me. I always remained happy and confident in selling the product. Along with solving customer problems with urgency. I did all of those things because I loved what I was doing. Though I couldn’t see myself in customer service all of my life, it definitely had some life lessons strung along with it.

We need more people in this world who love what they do so that going to work isn’t so bad after all.

What are some things that you would love to pursue but have been holding back? Do you currently have a side hustle? If you do, leave a comment so that I can check it out!

Thanks for reading and click here to see where I got the inspiration to write this blog!



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