Don’t you find it quite disgruntling when a female will choose her man over her friends? Okay, I get it, you’re ‘in love,’ he’s ‘your rock’ and the list goes on and on. But why is it that when it comes down to it, women in this day and age will forever break down barriers, climb through loopholes and justify a man’s actions just so that she can say that she’s in a relationship? I’ve got a few answers for you and maybe you’re that girl who has continuously lowered your standards just to have a hot date for 2 months. Below is a list that I have carefully compiled from past experiences of friends who have left me high and dry over a guy.

  •  They feel like that guy can give them security. The girl who is constantly being picky about the type of friends she keeps is the same girl that will date the guy that no one likes. I mean, I guess they have been in a relationship for awhile, but you never thought they’d last that long. Females who continuously diss their friends for a guy are insecure and will do whatever it takes for attention. When it comes to their friends, friends don’t give the girl attention in the same way a man can. A man will tell you what you want to hear until his face turns blue. On the other hand, females will tell you straight up… or even worse, talk behind the girl’s back.
  •  He’s in her ear about her friends. If the guy knows that he is no good, he will convince his girl to alienate those friends that are not too privy to him or his ways. Either way, the guy doesn’t like you and he will do anything in his power to keep his girl away from you. A good man will allow for his girl to hang out with whom ever she wants. A relationship should be all about compromise, not a person exercising his power over the female.
  •  She thinks he’s THE ONE– NEWS FLASH if a man will somehow manage to make you alienate the friends that you once had or tells a female that he can’t spend time with another female how is that the “perfect” guy. Guess what, the perfect guy does not exist. I mean, their can be a man out there that you are compatible with as well as gets along with your friends, then yes, that’s a possibility. But I am sick and tired of females showing off their relationship on social media like they have no problems in the world.

At the end of the day, every person has their issues with one person or another, but when it gets in the way of friendships, you need to begin to evaluate the relationship. Unless one or a few of your female friends has been horribly mean to you, then that understandable. However, if a person makes conscientious effort to hold the friendship together, don’t push them to the way side.


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