If you don’t know, I made the decision (and was somewhat recruited) to work at Sephora. I have been a life-long customer (more so window shopper) of Sephora, since I have been in college. Not only does it feed my creative side, but I get to help women, just like me, figure out the answers to their beauty questions.

The experience has been so rewarding and I am so fortunate to be able to live out my life-long dream of working for a place that I am so passionate about. With that I wanted to give some tips and tricks for someone who would like to go into a Sephora, but is intimidated. Also, I wanted to share my experience and what I have learned thus far.

So, I do not work in a stand-alone Sephora. I actually work in a Sephora inside JCPenney. Sephora began its start in JCPenney in October of 2006 and there are about 485 JCPenney stores across the country. The idea behind it is to create smaller footprint that would bring in a different niche group of individuals who would normally not shop in a stand-alone Sephora. So, here are some tips and things that I have learned since working there in October:

Tip #1: Get yourself a makeover

Did you know that Sephora does makeovers? There are two different kinds of makeovers; a full-face makeover (including skincare) and a mini makeover. What’s the difference you ask? Well, a full-face makeover is exactly what it sounds like; but there is a minimum purchase of $50, which is just like any other makeup counter in a department store.

An associate will get you set up, whether it be for a night out with your girls, a holiday party, or to just get your make-up done for the heck of it, that’s fine with us! No judgement here.


Tip #2: We offer samples

For many, forking out $40 on a foundation or $80 on a skincare mask can be a lot for some. Which is why we offer free samples to whomever asks. How else will you know how you like the product if you don’t try it? It’s like the motto “gotta test drive it before you buy it.” That’s the same deal at Sephora. We understand that it can be much and trying it out before you buy it will make you a life-long customer.

Tip #3: Skincare is EVERYTHING

I knew this before working at Sephora, but working here just verified how important skincare is, especially since I go into work with a full face of makeup on. If you do not have a skincare regime down, I would suggest getting one. The main things that will be essential for youthful and vibrant skin are; makeup remover wipes, cleanser, serum, moisterizer and an eyecream. Not only does having a sound skincare regime help with clearing up acne, but it also will be a preventative measure taken to avoid any fine lines or wrinkles, so start NOW. Your older self will thank you later.

In addition, there are so many women that come into the Sephora inside JCPenney and ask for a foundation to cover blemishes or cystic acne, and I hate to say this, but putting on a full-cover foundation is going to be the opposite you want to do to your skin. Also, when you take care of skin, your makeup will look that much better when you where. And if you do have problem skin and have a skincare regime always remember that changes will NOT happen over night. It take a couple months for your skin to adapt to the new products being applied to your skin. So, be patient. You’ll have vibrant, glowy skin in no time 🙂



Did I say Clarisonic? That’s right, a Clarisonic is the solution to all your skincare problems. It’s a rotating brush (oscillates) and it’s  made by the same makers of the Sonicare toothbrush. It gives your skin optimal cleansing for any of your problems whether it be acne, oily skin or uneven skin tone. According to the clarisonic website, it helps with with closing large pores, increases the radiance, helps avoid aging of the skin, and brightens. Not to mention it feels like you’re going to a spa every time you use it. It is literally, amazing. I can’t say enough good things about it.

They run anywhere from $150 to $200 and they even have a version for men called the Alpha Fit Cleansing System. My managers say, “It’s the literally the best thing you could do for your skin.” And they’re right, it’s amazing!

Men's Alpha Fit

Tip #5: Sanitation is key

There is blue makeup remover and alcohol strategically placed around every Sephora including the Sephora’s inside JCPenney’s. It’s important when trying out lip colors that you sanitize the product, first, with a tissue and alcohol so that you can avoid the consequences.

Tip #6: Become a Beauty Insider

A ‘beauty insider’ is the rewards program associated with Sephora. With every dollar that you spend, you receive points which in turn can be used to redeem for free stuff with each purchase.

Depending on how much you purchase during a calendar year, you could become a VIB (very important beauty insider-2nd tier) or become a part of the VIB Rouge (3rd tier). There are few perks for each which include sneak peak of new products coming out, discount codes and free makeovers. Being a beauty insider is just the start of something beautiful 😉 I’m sure you want a free gift every year on your birthday, too. You only can get that if you sign up for the rewards program!

Beauty Insider



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