My last post had more of a serious tone. I thought it would be nice to publish a post that is a bit more lighthearted. So, naturally, ‘how to take a selfie’ was the first thing that came to mind. In this post I give a few tips on what you must do in order to capture the perfect selfie so that you can grace all your Instagram followers with your perfect selfie-taking skills. Trust me, you won’t regret reading this one.

Taking a selfie can be hard work. Take it from me; I’ve had my share of selfies and I absolutely love taking them, but there are so many factors that go into capturing the perfect one. One of the main priorities one is tasked with in order to get the perfect selfie is by having the right lighting. Tip: when looking for the perfect lighting, make sure you FACE the light instead of having the light as the background. Your best kind of lighting will be natural. Try facing a window while assuming the selfie position.

Lets face it, selfies are ‘cool’ and everyone is doing it so why not try it out for yourself? (WARNING: may become obsessed with taking selfies after first attempts)! If you’re in the sharing mood you could  try an ‘usie.’img_1307

Below are some additional tips to keep your selfie game on point as told by



  • The universally flattering selfie angle: Hold the camera above eye level and turn your face at a three-quarter angle. *a little to the left… No bring your face down just a tad… Ahhhh perfect; snaps picture*



  • Post a humorous or silly selfie every once and awhile to break up all those ‘resting bitch face’ selfies. *scrolls through Chrissy Teigan’s Insta feed for inspo*




  • The BEST selfie lighting is found in an airport bathrooms. Who woulda thought?! Of course, selfie queen in the flesh, Kim K, coined that concept. *Because you know, we’re ALL traveling soooooo much around the world; cues eye roll*



Picture courtesy of

  • Photos that use the Mayfair filter generate the most likes *hmmm cue #nofilter* Please, if you feel the need to post that hashtag, were on to you… We know you’re lying lol


lumee case

  • Lastly, another insider tip on landing the best selfies is the Lumee phone case featuring LED lights so you always have great lighting no matter where you are. Literally life changing!



Danzarrella breaks it down for us and gives us the ‘Science of Selfies.’ I bet you didn’t know that the act of taking selfies have caused more deaths than shark attacks according to BGR. Crazzzyyyy, right?! The next time you take a selfie, please be careful!




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