When it comes to choosing a place to eat in Philadelphia, the options are limitless! As a former barista, I am always on the search for a cafe or bakery that not only sells great pastries and coffee, but has a cool atmosphere prompting you to want to capture every moment with a camera.

Michael Kors

tons of macaronsPasties

After much research on Google Reviews and Yelp I had a list of cafés that I wanted to visit during my first time being a tourist in the ‘City of Brotherly Love.’ Traveling by foot, we ended up passing it and getting lost. Goes to show how much of a ‘diamond in rough’ this little shop is. I was inspired to find a location that was similar to the renowned bakery called LaduréeAlthough ICI was not as chic, it still served its purpose of having exceptional pastries and coffee as well as providing a city hipster vibe.


With their minimalist drink menu, you shouldn’t have a hard time choosing what drink you want to indulge in. However, their array of macarons, and pastries such as croissants, cheesecake and tarts, you might catch yourself in a bit of a predicament. You’ll want to get everything!

What I ordered: Cappuccino, half dozen macarons (see flavors in picture below), croissant and hot chocolate (all of which was very good!) My favorite flavor of macaron that was purchased was the Earl Grey (the first one I ate which is not pictured).


Hot Chocolate


ICI Macarons

The next time you’re visiting, be sure to check out ICI Macarons & Café near Old City.

Outside ICI



230 Arch St.

Philadelphia, PA 19106


(215) 608-8938

BF Approved




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