Ingold, Madison, Forney and Allen have no qualms about coming out on top. In fact, we are the few women in the PSAC who indisputably have one hard-ass of a strength and conditioning coach. I’ve heard from many, “Weiser’s one of the hardest coaches I know.” He’s definitely built his reputation in the conference. I digress. 

Getting four girls together, who actually get along outside of the sport of track and field is an amazing feat. I believe that’s what has attributed to our success on the track individually and as a 4by1 relay. We’ve gotten so close that we will be attempting silent handoffs for the first time in my career; the ultimate goal our coach set for us before the outdoor season began. It’s funny, I never thought that I, Kiara Allen, would be in the position to anchor a relay with such a talented group of girls that I can confidently and genuinely say are my sisters.  
Currently sitting at 32nd in the country, I’m in awe, disbelief (in a good way, of course) that we have been able to do great things because of one thing. HEART. We want something? We go get it. We love a good hunt. We’re hunters. I will never be a person to not put up a fight and I will be damned if I let my team down come May 14th. Though I am more than proud, honored and anxious to anchor the top PSAC 4by1 relay where ever we compete at; I am most humbled and grateful that I have a team where I know they want it just as much as I do. No if, ands or buts about it. With our encouraging words and uplifting spirits, we make sure we choose our words wisely towards one another.

These are my ladies. And I am proud to be their anchor leg; connecting us all together to achieve one thing. WIN. 
You see, way back when, my speed (not comparable to what I am now haha) was a nuisance. I was afraid to really unleash what I could do because I didn’t want people to think that I was showing off or being cocky. Which now that I look at it, they were just haters. But going through that, I wanted to make sure that I reached my full potential once I got the chance to compete in college. With a few bumps in the road, I was finally able to do what I set out to do. With the right people surrounded around me and two very talented coaches who were/are patient with me have/are developed/ing me (and other athletes on the team) to not only reach our full potential but also feel good ourselves when we do good. To feel what it’s like to be hungry. To be hunters.

If there’s anything I’ve learned while being a college track athlete it’s that if what you did yesterday seems big to you today, then you’re not progressing.

 I’ve got 2 weeks left as a college athlete and I’m not turning back. 


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